Application for admission in prescribed form will be accepted immediately after the announcement of the Class X Examination Result of the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MOBSE).

       Each application form must be accompanied with:

             • A copy of the mark sheet of the last examination passed.
             • A recent passport size photograph of the student.
             • A copy of the admit card.

       When a student is admitted then the admission form must be accompanied with:

             **Original Transfer Certificate form school last attended and

             A copy of:

            • A testimonial of character from the Principal of the school last attended.
            • A recent passport size photograph in proper school uniform.
            • The mark sheet of SSLC/ICSE/CBSE Examination.
            • The SSLC/ICSE/CBSE Admit Card.
            • Baptism certificate (for Catholics).
            • The birth certificate.
            • The Schedule Caste/Tribe Certificate.
            • The pass Certificate and
            • All the original certificates for verification.
            • The original Migration Certificate is to be submitted ... by those students coming from outside the MBOSE within 30 days of admission.
            • When the admission is granted, the prescribed fees must be paid and the admission form must be deposited at the school office within 5 days.
            • Application/admission form should be submitted in full with documents required as mentioned above.
            • Filled in application/admission form once submitted will not be returned.

      The Higher Secondary or ‘+2’ courses are prescribed by the MBOSE and is of two year’s duration. Students       may choose between the three streams of science, Commerce and Arts.

      ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is compulsory.

      Reason for any absence should be informed to the Principal in writing by the parents/guardians. A student       having less than 80% attendance is liable to be debarred from the Examination.



            CORE SUBJECTS:       English/EVS/MIL (Khasi or Alt. Eng.)/ (V. Education or Catechism)/ History/ Education/Pol. Science and
            FOURTH OR OPTIONAL SUBJECTS:       Economics/Computer Application/Geography (Choose any one).


            CORE SUBJECTS:       English/EVS/MIL (Khasi or Alt. Eng.)/ (V. Education or Catechism)/ Accountancy/ Business studies/Economics and
            FOURTH OR OPTIONAL SUBJECTS:       Mathematics/ Computer Application / Entrepreneurship (Choose any one).


            CORE SUBJECTS:       English/EVS/MIL (Khasi or Alt. Eng.)/ (V. Education or Catechism)/ Physics/Chemistry/Biology and
            FOURTH OR OPTIONAL SUBJECTS:       Mathematics/ Computer Application / Geography (Choose any one).

      Catechism for Catholics and value education for non-Catholics is compulsory.

      Applications are processed in order of merit.

      Selected candidate’s application number with the name shall be posted on the notice board.

      Seat to be claimed within 24 hours of the name appearing on the notice board.



Science Commerce Arts
Math Science Math Social Science English Social Science
60% 60% 50% 50% 50% 50%
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“Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know, it means teaching them to behave as they should behave”

            • Every student is expected to be punctual, smart, humble, honest, gentle and kind to others in school and out of the school.
            • St. Margaret’s Higher Secondary School does not recognize students union.
            • Irregular attendance, late arrival, habitual illness, disobedience, conducts injurious to the moral tone of the school in and out of the school will be dealt with severely.
            • All students must carry their school diary and identity card with them and they will have to produce the same on demand by the Principal/Teachers.
            • Students are neither permitted to carry nor use mobile phone in the school.
            • Abuse of alcohols, drugs, tobacco, their derivatives or any material defined as a narcotic or psychotropic under law prevailing by ingesting, inhaling or smoking is strictly forbidden on and of school premises. Even possession of such contraband is punishable by law and anyone found guilty of such misdemeanor may be summarily expelled from school and or prosecuted in the court of law.
            • Students wishing to take a Transfer Certificate during the year have to clear all the school fees up to the end of the current academic year.
            • The school calendar contains detailed rules and regulations of the school. All the students are requested to go through them carefully and strictly and abide by them.
            • Students are not permitted to wear casual attire, jewelry or any fashion accessory other than their full school uniform. Non-adherence to this clause could lead to confiscation of such material by the school authority. Parents are also advised to ensure that their wards do not bring any cash or valuable to school.
            • The school uniform is the only form of attire permitted in the school. All students are expected to have at least two sets of uniform.


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