The Captains are classified into three categories- School Captains known as Head Girls, Class Captains and House Captains.

School Captains/ Head Girls:

      Few nominated students of classes X and XII are allowed to contest for the post. The student community of classes VIII to XII then elects the contested students with secret ballots. The votes are counted separately for both the Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections. The students who secure the highest votes, one from Secondary and the other from Higher Secondary Sections are usually elected to be the Head Girls and the second highest votes, the Asst. Head Girls from respective sections with the approval of the school authorities.

Class Captains:

      The Class Captains along with the Vice- Captains are selected by the respective class teachers after a week or two of the regular classes. The leadership capacity of the newly elected Captains and Vice- Captains will be observed for a week or two. If their performance is satisfactory they will go for the investiture ceremony, if not they will be replaced by another students.

House Captains:

      The House Captains are elected by the members of respective Houses along with the teachers in - charge of the particular House with the secret ballots. The student securing the highest votes will be elected as the Captain of the House and the second highest votes, the House Vice- Captain with the approval of teachers in- charge and the school authorities.

Class House Captains:

      Every class has four Class House Captains one each from four houses. They are selected and appointed by the respective class teachers.