Besides the academic learning the school initiates co-curricular activities to give the pupils opportunity to develop their talents, skills, and potentials in various fields. This is categorized into different clubs and associations .The following are the clubs the school is running.

The Clubs and Cultural Classes:

      The Clubs and Cultural Classes became part and parcel of the school activities since 2013. It has motivated both students and teachers to explore more and more on their potentials and excel in them. The classes from III to VI are engaged in cultural class which showcases the talents of the individual students singly or in groups once in a week under the supervision of their class Teachers. For this the activities are conducted house wise every week. The students from Classes VII to XII choose a club of their interest and aptitude to develop their talents. The teachers proficient in those fields are their guides. This is also conducted once a week.

Sports and Games Club:

      Sports and games are very much part of the Margaretians. They keep themselves fit and healthy. Weekly classes and meetings are held in which Students are given chance to equip themselves in this field. The growing number of Indian stars are a motivational factor for the young girls to be part of it. Teachers guide the students in Karate, Basket Ball, Badminton, Khabadi, Chess, and Caroms. A large number of students from Classes VII to XII participate in the above games. The following teachers are kept to help the students to identify their field of interest. Sir Joe Thomas, Sir Rajiv Dhar, Sir Boris Khyriem, Sir Nivelle Suting, Sir James Madur, Ms. Conniecia Sarah Ranee, Ms. Tanya Theodora Shadap, Ms. Shailin L. Lyngkhoi, Ms. Antonia Jyrwa, Ms. Susie Lyngdoh and Ms. Larissa Warjri.

Literary Club:

      As our motto states “Knowledge, wisdom, virtue” the Literary Club trains pupils to compose poem, write articles, prepare professional speeches, and improve their reading, writing and elocution skills. Hence they are helped to enhance their knowledge and use it wisely to cultivate virtues. This club takes care of the literary interests of the students. They groom them in essay writing, poetry writing, Debate, Speech, Seminar, Quiz, Speeches and the like activities. On Most of the important national International days of the year these students present an informative paper on the topic to enlighten their school mates on the importance of such days. The following teachers are their guides: Mrs. B. Chatterejee, Mrs.Vallarie Kharmujai, Mrs.Abigail, Mrs. Kavita Sharma and Ms. Vanessa Shulai.

Art and Craft Club:

      The students’ talents in Drawing, painting, sketching, crafting are and the like activities are developed in the students who choose this Clubs. Through this club students give went to their moods, likes, interest, passions and talents. The teachers set aside for this are: Ms. Phindasara Nongbri, Mrs. Celine Nongkhlaw, Ms. Wanrilang L. Mairang, Mrs. Sunita Mawthoh Ms. Vanessa Laloo, and Mrs. Ethelda Mawlot.

Cultural Club:

      The school comprises of students belonging to different ethnic groups of North East India and some other states of India. Hence the need for working together for unity in diversity. The cultural club is working hard to impart in the students the idea of preserving traditional dances, understanding cultural differences, strive to work for unity. The following teachers are given responsibility to see that students are guided in the right path. This club encourages the students into dancing and acting to make use of their physical skills so that this could also be as their occupation in future. Mrs. Namita Sen Gupta, Ms. Eulinda Nongbet, Ms. Fedelia, Ms. Bakordor War, and Ms. Dinora Marbaniang are the teachers Incharge.

Singing Club:

      The region is filled with music and the young people become very vibrant and alive with music and singing. Hence this is another popular club in the school that attracts a large number of students The Singing Club trains students for good singing through weekly voice exercises, to sing in parts. The following teachers see to this concern. Sr. Meris Dkhar, Mrs. Lawan, Ms. Daphene Rynthathiang, Ms. Shemame Lyndem and Ms. Ferinia Khyriem.

Science Club:

      The advancement in science and technology has brought a lot of changes in the society. The school introduced science club as the means through which the pupils can develop their interest in science. It aims at producing great scientists in the near future. The budding scientists however through this club enthusiastically try to discover and explore the world of science through timely presentation on new inventions and discoveries. The following teachers are assisting the students in this field. Teachers Incharge are: Mrs. Nomita Devi, Mrs.Sanju Chaurasia, Sir Rajiv Dhar, Ms. Evangeline Rynjah,Mrs. Sandhya and Mrs. Brigida.

Information Technology Club:

      Information Technology Club stands as a platform for the students to help them know about media. The following teachers are kept for this are: Ms. Sumitra Nongkynrih, Ms. Ideality Nongrum and Sir Daman