School Re-opening Day:

      The school has created a tradition of starting every new Academic Year with the Solemn Opening Ceremony accompanied with the reading of the Word of God and Prayer of offering the entire Margaretian Family to God. The Members of the School Management, the Staff and Pupils renew their commitment on this day.

Special Holy Eucharist:

      There are two most important Liturgical Days in the life of Margaretian- the First Holy Mass at the start of Academic Year and the Thanksgiving Holy Mass at the end of the Academic Year. During the First Holy Eucharist, the members of the entire Margaretian family offer themselves to God and implore God’s choicest blessings upon them and their dear ones throughout the year. Most of them bring their symbolic offerings on this day. At the end of the scholastic year the Thanksgiving Holy Eucharist is celebrated for everyone to express our gratitude for the graces and blessings during the year. On this day, the staff and pupils offer their symbolic gifts as sign of love and gratitude to God.

First Friday:

      The school gives opportunity for the Catholic Teachers and students by arranging the Holy Eucharist on First Fridays throughout the year. It is also open to others if required.