The aim of every MSMHC Educational Institution is to build a harmonious society through well behaved and competent persons. For this all the curricular and co- curricular activities are geared towards the all-round development of an individual child, promoting in him/her intellectual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and inter – personal maturity and developing in them, national integration, true patriotism, respect for all and unity. The institution imparts education by cultivating in the pupils the habits of piety, virtue and discipline in order to make them well integrated members of the society. The students are prepared to make choices that call for initiatives, hard work, taking risks and moving forward in new directions, striving cultivate equality, tolerance, social justice and universal brotherhood.


St. Margaret’s is committed to build learned, capable, confident and sensitive individuals by imparting sound academics, exposing them to necessary skills and talents. Inculcating desirable values and installing Indian tradition and culture.


"Educate persons with character and competence to build a civilization of love."