Before resuming the leadership duties, the Head Girls, the Class Captains and the House Captains along with their Vice- Captains are will take the solemn promise in the presence of the school authorities, the staff and their fellow students. They will be empowered by handing over with the Badges of the Head Girl, Asst. Head Girl, the Class and House Captains and the Class and House Vice- Captains. The Captains’ Diaries will be handed over to the Class Captains for the necessary record of their respective classes.


      The Captains are the closest collaborators of the Staff and the school authorities from the student community. Certain important duties and responsibilities are entrusted to them on the Investiture Day. Some of the responsibilities and duties are:

    Head Girls & Asst. Head Girls:

    The two Head Girls along with their Asst. Head Girls, both from Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections are the main leaders in the school. They have the following responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating the entire student community for the various events and functions of the school.

  2. The school authorities and the staff pass on certain information to the students through them and vice versa.

  3. They have daily duties of commanding the School Assemblies.

  4. They are to see the general discipline of their fellow students during the assemblies or any other common gathering during the year.

  5. They are to inform immediately when their fellow students misbehave towards any one so as to prevent from unwanted incidence.

  6. They to coordinate the other captains of the school.

    Class Captains/ Vice- Captains:

    Every class from I to XII has its class captain and vice- captain. The main duties and responsibilities of the class captains or vice- captains in the absence of class captains are:

  1. They are to help the class teachers/subject teachers in any possible ways when required.

  2. As they arrive to the school, they collect chalk box and Captains’ Diary and check the cleanliness of the classroom before Morning Assemblies.

  3. They are to maintain punctuality and the discipline of the assembly lines of their respective classes.

  4. To maintain the general discipline of their respective classes in the absence of the class teacher.

  5. They are to maintain a record of the class room inclusive of the cleanliness, uniform, punctuality and presence/absence of teachers or students.

  6. They are to inform to the Principal/Vice- Principal in case of the absence of teachers in their classroom.

  7. They are to inform to the Principal/Vice- Principal in case their fellow students misbehave in the class room or in case of sudden illness of any students in the absence of teachers.

  8. They have the duty of communicating certain information to their fellow students in their classrooms authorized by the Principal/Vice- Principal and class teachers.

  9. They are to stand at the allotted places immediately after every common gathering and maintain the discipline of their fellow students while entering the class room.

  10. They are to collaborate with the Head Girls/Asst. Head Girls in maintaining discipline during common events and functions of the school.

    House Captains/ Vice- Captains:

    Every House has its Captain and Vice-Captains elected from both the sections- Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections. Their duties and responsibilities are:

  1. They are to collaborate with the Head Girls/Asst. Head Girls and the Class Captains/Vice-Captains to maintain the discipline of their fellow students during the School Assemblies and other common gathering in the school.

  2. They are to assist the younger students in the formation of all common gathering during the scholastic year.

  3. They are to coordinate the members of their respective houses for all Inter –House competitions under the guidance of Teachers in charge. They are to maintain the general discipline during the competitions.

    Class House Captains:

    Every class has four houses with one captain each. Their duties are:

  1. To coordinate the members during Inter- House Competitions conducted in the classrooms.

  2. They are to help the class captains/vice- captains in maintaining the discipline in the classroom.


      Approx. 2000 students from Pre- kindergarten to class XII.