Dear Margaretians,

      We live in a highly competitive world where everyone is trying to prove his or her ability at one or the other shows to get on to somewhere and find an acceptable place in the society. Every year we are enthused with many national or international events, like the Olympics, the Common Wealth Games, the Asian Games, the World Cups, the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants, Film festival, and many other Talent shows besides the intellectual pursuits. A large number of people try to make use of their opportunities and reach the stars. They work very hard, give up much of their leisure and comforts to touch the sky. But when we start numbering them, they are too few. That makes us aware of the fact that there are only a few people who really dare to dream and dream big to reach the pinnacle of success. Few begin well and give up easily at the first adversity itself; others try to keep going and when pressure begins to mount on them, they change their course; but a few never give up, failures become learning experiences; adversities strengthen them; faith in God and in themselves keep them going; humility beautifies them as they rise higher and higher.

As we turn on to the next page in our scholastic year we definitely would like to turn back to see the year 2014. The pages ahead will remind you of your achievements and the way in which we spent an eventful year.This becomes the springboard on which we stand

ready to leap on to another year of opportunities, experiences, meetings, partings and achievements. If we are open to start anew and persevere in doing what we plan we will be the winner. Let the year 2015 in your life be a turning point to make you the achiever.
     If you start today you can go on, if you have never began how will you reach the end? If you do not dare to laze around you will not experience the freshness of the nature, enjoy the beauty of the creation and taste the joy of success. So let us start.

     May God bless you!

Sr. Mary Saio

Principal cum Secretary