Academic Coordinators:

      The teachers taking the same subject form a team maintains the standard of their respective subjects. These teachers organize a meeting and discuss aver the syllabus of the terminal examination, projects, assignment, improvement to be made etc. The decision of the meeting is submitted to the Principal for approval.

Examination Coordinators:

      A team of teachers is constituted along with the Vice- Principal attending to the requirement of all examinations inclusive of Unit Tests, Terminal exams and Board exams. The present members are- Sr. Christina Be, Ms Sumitra Nongkynrih, Ms Theresa Warjri, Ms Susana Jyrwa and Ms Larisa Warjri. They have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. They ensure that the questions are submitted on time.

  3. They type and print questions of terminal examinations.

  5. They are to prepare the list for seating arrangement of all examinations including Board Exams.

  7. They are to keep ready the questions papers, answer scripts and other requirements for examinations on time.