Prayer at the beginning and end of the day:

      The school begins daily with the reading of the Word of God, prayer and spiritual song in the morning. Again there is a prayer in the afternoon Assemblies. The students pray every time they leave their classrooms for breaks led by the subject teachers concerned or the class captains in the absence of teachers.


      The annual spiritual retreat preferably during Lent is arranged for the Catholic teachers and students. This is done usually to prepare the students for Easter.

Visit to Blessed Sacrament:

      The students irrespective of religions go visit the Blessed Sacrament exposed for whole day to receive blessings from the Eucharistic Lord. They go as per their needs and intentions and are assisted by the sisters. Most of them make short visit to Jesus regularly during all the breaks. The Community Chapel is open to all throughout the day.

Spiritual Guidance:

      Certain students go for spiritual guidance as per their needs. The school provides some spiritual guides to the students and teachers. They take special permission from the Principal/Vice – Principal and meet the spiritual guides even during the regular classes.

Catechism/Moral Science Class:

      Two periods in a week is given to these subjects in all classes during which the subject teachers make the best use of imparting the spiritual values to the students.